Fight For It

Lifestyle Fitness-Enthusiast and Bikini Competitor Motivator!

Born and raised in San Diego, Ca. Monique is a natural athlete who participated in Cheer, Dance, Track & Field, and Cross County all through high school and college. Here to educate and challenge individuals on their fitness journey’s. Monique became a certified personal trainer because being able to help people change their bodies is the ultimate reward. Extremely dedicated and passionate about what she does, her goal is to motivate people into becoming more active while learning to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

High energy and endurance are some of her best qualities and her positive outlook on life is driven by the desire to constantly create a better version of self, while encouraging others to stay active. Monique nourishes her  passions by seeking higher education in the health and fitness industry and by constantly setting new challenges to herself. 


·     Weight Loss Specialist (WLS) 

·     Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) 

·     Women's Fitness Specialist (WFS) 

·     BOSU Mindful Movement &Mobility

·     Neuromuscular Stretching

·     Integrated Core Training